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In 1982, the law firm Bingham, Farrer and Wilson, P.C. (“BFW”) was formed from a predecessor firm that was established in Elwood, Indiana in 1976. In 2004, the Regnier Firm of Tipton was merged into BFW.

To reflect a change in ownership structure, BFW changed its name in April 2016 to Graham, Regnier, Farrer and Wilson P.C. (“GRFW”) Shortly thereafter, our Elwood bankruptcy lawyers opened a fully staffed office in Tipton to better serve that growing community.

Through its nearly quarter century of existence, GRFW has maintained its small town roots, while developing an expanding regional practice in debtor-creditor relations, bankruptcy matters, and a broad range of other matters, throughout Indiana.

As a general practice firm, GRFW emphasizes a broad spectrum of professional legal services to individuals, families, financial institutions, for-profit and non-profit businesses, and governmental taxing units.

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